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Our Training is one-on-one live practical with individual having their own private session


Training duration depends on the individual ability to assimilate, understand and master the skill. At FLUXTECH, we are concern about impacting knowledge no matter how long/short it takes you to master the skill and be competent. Session is 3 times in a week and minimum of 4 weeks.


After the completion of your training, an assessment shall be made inform of exam. A mini website must be developed to demonstrate the skill acquired so far. After which, Certificate shall be issued indicating the category of training undergone and date graduated.


Our Certificates are recognised globally, as we are legally registered with appropriate authorities.


The geniuity of any Certificate we issued can be verified if it is actually from us. Click on Verify Certificate above or visit http://training.fluxtechng.com/verify.php

What make us Different

Private training session for all Trainees. Most of our graduated trainees have set up their own Web Design company and still enjoying technical help from us because we don't abandon our own.
Interact with other Trainees (current & graduated) when you login and/or on our Training Whatsapp group.

Within a short period of time, you will master the art of creating a very robust dynamic website starting from scratch. Home/Office Training available.

Contact Details

No 20, 2nd Floor, Adjacent Ostrich Bakery, Beside Oremeji Welder, Ajegunle, Olonkoro, Osogbo, Osun State.

Call/Whatsapp: 08068782879
Email: training @ fluxtechng.com
Website: www.training.fluxtechng.com